About Us

We began our business in 1975, as a small family owned butchers in Leicester. We found such success that we started to focus on manufacturing and distributing our quality meat products. We continued to grow to the point where we founded our sister company ‘Jilani’s’ (supplying food to other retailers).

Through increased demand we moved into wholesale and now have a large distribution network, supplying shops all around the United Kingdom with our delicious frozen halal food.

We now have our own merchandisers, that assist in the introduction of our products into a new store. As well as account managers who promote the products to support sales and ensure both clients and customers are satisfied.



We use high quality meat that has been ethically sourced and abides by halal guidelines.

All of our products are approved by the Halal Monitoring Committee, who’s aim is to certify the production of genuine halal food.  HMC complies with UK Laws, as well as Islamic dietary compliance Laws.

We are constantly developing products and working in our kitchens to discover new recipes, so keep up to date with our new products and promotions by signing up to our newsletter today.

As we have an extensive distribution service through the UK, you are able to try stocking our products with no fuss and no minimum order value. We will even send our specialised merchandisers to ensure your customers get exactly with they are looking for with minimal effort. You are also able to apply for a corporate account allowing you to manage your cash flow effectively (terms and conditions apply).